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Do you relate to feeling like there’s pressure coming from all sides to do the “right” thing with your life? Does it often feel like you don’t know how to participate in a way that feels authentic and true? Or perhaps you struggle with navigating how your inner dreams fit into the outer demands of society. Are you ready to take back the reigns of your life and show up to yourself in a more genuine way?!

I work mainly with young people who are deep in transition or in deep need of transition. Through consistent guided curiosity and accountability, we’ll harness and sharpen the necessary tools to help you feel empowered to navigate your life in a clear and authentic way.

This work is not about being always happy, it’s about learning to meet ALL aspects of yourself so that you become more confident and accepting of who you actually are. Your actions and beliefs will begin to align in such a way that you’ll become an engaged and healthy participant in the trajectory of your own life.

 The focus of our work together will be on gaining a clearer understanding of what you want for yourself and how to make it happen. Together we will create a potent environment for shift. A space to reflect, dive in, and break apart the often hidden belief patterns and habits that are out of balance, unsupportive, or causing stagnation in your life.

From the very first call, Rhianna created a space that allowed me to feel completely safe and centered. She helped me to find my voice (and my breath) and has guided me through a hugely uncertain, transitional time. She has an infectious energy about her and anyone she talks to will feel the love and empathy she brings to the table. I find myself revisiting the work we did together again and again and am immensely grateful to have shared part of this journey with such an incredible soul!
— Tiffany B. Boulder, CO

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

~Albert Einstein

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Rhianna has a truly remarkable ability to intuitively know not only exactly what my issue is but how to support me to overcome it. In all my years of being a spiritual seeker and meeting many coaches, therapists, guides and gurus she remains unmatched and unparalleled in this. Rhianna is a true delight of a human being and you owe it to yourself to meet her.
— Louis B. Oakland, CA

There’s no better time to discover what limiting beliefs are holding you back from living the life you want and deserve, and what tactful actions will get you doing something about it! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get back in touch with the things that light you up so that you can confidently say YES to your best life!

This work is not always comfortable, but I can promise, it is ALWAYS worthwhile! Are you ready to make some magic happen?! Let’s embark on the playful exploration of who you actually are and rediscover what you love and how to bring it into existence! It is my belief that the world needs each of us to show up to our lives in the fullest, most honest, healthy way we can. We all deserve to live well. We all deserve a rich meaningful existence. Together we will make it happen for you!


IF not now, when?

Rhianna is the kind of person who crashes into your life, breaking it up, and then helps to put it back together more beautiful and interesting than before. She is one of a kind.
— Olivia O. Louisville, KY