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I am a lifelong artist and adventurer. I’ve always been extremely fascinated by people and how we influence and interact with one another.

I worked for ten years as a painter and designer for a mural studio, all the while traveling to wild places. I consider my world travels (and getting my mind blown by different cultures) to be my greatest teacher. Between my love of adventure and my fascination with how humans interact, I’ve learned so much about my place in the world and my love of working with clients as they discover what lights them up!

After a severe accident in my early twenties, I began searching for healing modalities that felt intuitively kinder and sweeter than the treatment I was receiving from the western healthcare system. I decided to take my health, my wellbeing, and ultimately my life, into my own hands and I discovered that I am far more powerful than I’d ever known!

I feel crazy blessed to be alive and be able to share my love of life with others! I believe that my genuine love for life and all it’s ups and downs shows up in my coaching style and invites my clients to explore their hidden beliefs.

 I started this work hopeful that I could learn how to live a more content, and intentional life. What I am discovering in these calls is profoundly transformative. We have sifted through, and unveiled aspects of who I am, and made a more clear picture of the things I’d like to enrich my soul. We have been working together for 10 months, and I could happily sign up for life. Rhianna is a true gift to me, and to the art of coaching.
— Holly A. New York


  • Certified Souluna Life Coach.

  • Lead Artist at Imagine Studios.

  • Certified Nutrition Educator- Bauman College.

  • Certified Bhakti Yoga Teacher- Yoga Mandali.

  • Mediation Training- Mediation Matters.

  • Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive.




rhianna leigh

artist & Holistic LIfe Coach

Saratoga Springs, NY


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Working with Rhianna has cleared out emotional obstacles in my life so I have room to breathe and heal. For the first time in a long while I am hopeful about my future. She is such a ray of sunshine and creativity.
— Lacie M. Albany, NY


  • Sessions take place over the phone. They are one hour long, three to four times per month depending on the clients need/preferences.

  • Sessions are action oriented. We will design ways for you to begin to make the desired shifts away from your unconscious patterns by bringing attention and kindness to them and gently replacing them thoughts and feelings that are more supportive. It is all about practice and gently challenging yourself to show up to your life, exactly as you are, and yet evolving!

  • I work with motivated people. No one else can do the work for you. I’m here to support and hold space, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to truly take the desired steps toward yourself.

  • Our work is not therapy. I am not a therapist and I don’t pretend to be one. Our time will be focused on bringing awareness to your patterns and softly, kindly reexamining them to figure out what’s serving and what needs to be composted.

  • It can get uncomfortable and it doesn’t always make sense. I encourage my clients to trust the process because I believe in life’s magical way of giving us exactly what we need to help us evolve. Learning to trust that wisdom will be a big focus of our work together.

Periodic yet consistent coaching with Rhianna is like SCUBA. It keeps me in fresh oxygen supply as I dive deeper, finding clarity and a way of being that was always there for the seeing and sensing, just not as accessible or apparent without helpful apparatus… I’m better at gauging how the waves are coming in and going out so as to work more effectively with them and ultimately, myself.
— Tamara C. Woodstock, NY